How Breathing can Affect the Brain

IMG_0019Breathe, breathe in the air

Pink Floyd wrote Breathe back in 1973. Since that time there has been studies on how our breathing can affect our neural activity.

Northwestern Medicine scientists found out that the rhythm of breathing forms electrical activity in the brain that can increase emotional judgement and memory recall.

During these findings it was stated that these effects depend on whether you are inhaling, exhaling, and whether you breathe through your nose or mouth.
The study itself, found that individuals were able to identify fearful faces quicker if seen on inhalation compared to exhalation. Also, the individuals were better at remembering an object if they encountered it during inhalation. These effects did not occur though in individuals who were breathing through their mouth only.


The cool thing about this is that our body’s innate response to fear is to increase our breathing. This could have a positive affect on our brain to respond faster to scary/dangerous situations.


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