Improving Your Golf Game


How many times have you yelled this on a golf course? It can be frustrating some days on the course.

IMG_0018A recent study evaluated the effects of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) by chiropractors on the performance of golfers. Two groups were utilized for this study: Group 1 only received a stretching program and Group 2 received a stretching program and SMT. Each individual was randomly placed into one of the two groups. The individuals performed 3 full swing maneuvers and then received treatment and took 3 more swings. Ball range was measured by taking the average of the 3 swings. Each individual repeated this for a 4 week period.

Once the study was complete, results found that Group 1 (only stretched) had no improvement over the course of the study. Group 2 (stretch and SMT) had improvement at the fourth session.

Even though it is Winter, most golfers are still looking at improving their game. Chiropractic may be that extra bump you need to help improve your game.


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