How Can Your Smartphone Be Affecting Your Health?

If you are reading this from a phone or tablet, you are more than likely putting stress on your neck. “Text neck” is a problem that is becoming more and more common as people spend time on their smart devices. This is a huge problem for your health. An adult head weighs 10-12lbs in a neutral position, but as we flex forward the weight starts to feel heavier and at 60 degrees the head feels like 60lbs.
Symptoms that you may feel include:
-chronic headaches
-shortness of breath
-numbness in the arms
-neck and shoulder pain

Restoring the structure of the spine is one of our goals as a chiropractor. Having the proper alignment in the spine allows the nervous system to communicate properly throughout the body.
Text Neck
Also, if you need to check your phone or tablet please bring the device to eye level. That way the head can be in its neutral position and help prevent some serious health issues.


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