Four Fantastic Reasons Athletes Get Adjusted and Why You Should Too!

sportsEvery athlete wants to be at the top of their game no matter what sport they play. Having the extra edge on other players can lead to the game winning shot or crossing the finish line seconds before your opponent. Chiropractic care can be that extra edge that a player may be looking for. There are multiple reasons why chiropractic care can be beneficial. Below are four tremendous reasons why every athlete should see a chiropractor. And if you are not an athlete, these four things are still vitally important to your daily living.

1. Improved Movement

• In a study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, individuals who received chiropractic care noted nearly 10% improvement in movement and response time compared to those not under chiropractic care(1). In a game time situation, 10% improvement in movement can be the reason you are on the winning team or losing team. In just a split second, you could be past your opponent to receive the game winning pass.

2. Better Balance

• Chiropractic care restores balance to your entire body through correcting nervous system disturbances and allowing signals to flow freely between the brain and body. Everything that is done on the field/court needs balance. If you are off just slightly, you can be knocked down more easily or not have the full body mechanics to adjust to a game time decision.

3. Increased Flexibility

• When joints and spinal bones are proper alignment, you’re able to maneuver with ease. For athletes, flexibility is critical because it allows for ranges of movement in a particular area to operate smoothly. Flexibility also increases strength and speed in athletes.

4. Heightened Body Awareness

• Because athletes are so active in high impact sports, they tend to be more prone to injury. Adjustments restore function to the body and nervous system. In the same study linked above, proprioception was also stated to improve with chiropractic care. Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of one’s own part of their body (Example: knowing where your hand is, when you place it behind your back). This gives us the ability to know where our limbs are in space without looking at them. Thus allowing us to make that important cut with the explosiveness to bypass our opponent.

Many professional athletes have used chiropractic care to help them have a long healthy and productive career. Some of the most well known athletes in their sport: Michael Jordan (Basketball), Jerry Rice and Tom Brady (Football), Usain Bolt (Track and Field), Evander Holyfield (Boxing) to name a few. Most professional sport teams have a chiropractor work on their athletes to help them during the season. Come check out our office to see how chiropractic care can take your game to the next level!


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