5 Reasons to Supplement Omega-3

dementiaOmega 3 is a fatty acid that comes in three forms: DHA, EPA, and ALA. ALA is found in nuts and seeds while DHA and EPA are normally found in fish such as salmon or mackerel, along with supplements. There are plenty of health benefits when it comes to consuming Omega-3.

1. Heart Health
– Heart disease is the world’s leading cause of death. (1) Factors that play a role in the disease include high blood pressure, plaquing, and inflammation to name a few. Omega-3 has been found to reduce blood pressure, keep arteries smooth, prevent plaquing, and reduce inflammation. (2) (3)

2. Pregnancy and Infants
– Omega-3 can also be crucial for the development of the brain in infants. DHA is the predominant structural fatty acid in the central nervous system and retina. Pregnant mothers who supplemented DHA had infants who had higher mental processing scores, eye-hand coordination and stereo acuity at 4 years of age. Intake of DHA during preschool years may also have a beneficial role in the prevention of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and enhancing learning capability and academic performance. (4)

3. Reduce Asthma
– Asthma is an increasing chronic lung disease that makes it difficult to get a full breath of air due to inflammation in the airway of the lungs. Common symptoms are coughing, shortness of breath, or even wheezing. Consumption of Omega-3 has been shown to lower the risk of asthma in young adults. (6)

4. Improve Sleep
– Sleep is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to health. Improper sleep has been linked to harmful diseases such as obesity and depression. Low levels of Omega-3 have been linked to sleep problems in children and sleep apnea in adults. (7)
– Supplementing Omega-3 increases the length and quality of sleep. (8)

5. Arthritis
– Arthritis is a very common disorder that affects the skeletal system. Typically, patients will experience painful and stiff joints. Omega-3 is a fantastic anti-inflammatory which many patients that have supplemented Omega-3 have reported reduced joint pain. (5)

-Dr. Forstner


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