Ways To Improve Testosterone

It seems that testosterone has been a major issue in the news as of lately with more men experiencing this issue. There are many factors that may play a role in to why your levels are low. Today, I want to touch on a few things that could help you increase/ return to normal levels.

1. Nutrition
This is by far one of the main things that can be causing the problem and one that could help restore normal function. The body needs proper nutrition in order to work at its best. With all the fast food and process food, it is very easy to fall into this not so healthy diet. By increasing your vegetable and fruit intake you may see improvements sooner than later.

2. Exercise
This seems to be a no brainer, but it must be mentioned as well. Working out will not only help you lose some extra pounds which can affect your testosterone levels by itself, but will also help your mood. High intense workouts seem to be better for raising your testosterone levels.

3. Proper Sleep
When you look at all the things you do throughout the day, it can take a toll on your body. Your body needs proper sleep to fully restore itself and your testosterone levels. This includes getting around 8 hours of sleep and also avoiding electronic devices before bed to allow your body to fall asleep faster.

-Dr. Forstner


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