Avoiding Sport Injuries This Season

No athlete wants to miss a game or practice during the season due to a sports injury. A recent study suggested that exercise can reduce the time an athlete is sidelined due to an injury.
The British Journal of Sports Medicine(1) which conducted and analyzed the study, ran 25 trials, including 26,610 participants with 3,464 injuries. The study found that three areas of training: stretching, strength training, and proprioception when utilized together had a beneficial effects in both acute injuries and overuse injuries.
Proprioception is the ability for one to know where a part of their body is located in space, such has walking and not having to look down at your feet the entire time.

When athletes have a routine exercise program that involves all three workouts (strength training, stretching, and proprioception) they are lowering their risk of a sports injury.

Chiropractic Care is also vital in helping athletes stay healthy during the season and prevent injuries. Chiropractic Care helps the body stay in correct alignment with the spine which allows proper nerve flow from the brain to the rest of the body.

Make sure you set time aside to have a proper workout and to get your spine checked to help prevent any sport injuries during this season!


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